Saturday, February 28, 2015

Budget 2015-2016

Budget 2015-2016 Highlights :

3 successes:

  • Jan -Dhan yojana
  • Transference auction of coal is bringing lacks of money to states
  • Swatch Bharath movement 

  • Jan-Dhan AADHAR mobile - JAAM

  • CPI inflation expected to around 5%
  • Aiming for double digit growth seems very close.

  • roof for all by 2022, 75th year of India's independence. Amruth mahotsav.
  • off grid solar generation
  • every child should get school within 5km

  • 44% money is allotted to states, which is unprecedented.
  • in total 62% of income will be with states.

  • physical deficit target for 3 year is 3%
  • well targeted system to deliver subsidies

  • direct transfer system ill be extended to other schemes.

  • MUDRA Bank re-finance micro finance...will fund unfunded

  • Postal offices ill used for Jan Dhan yojana

  • Large population is without health, accidental and life insurance.
  • Pradhanmatri Suraksha Yojana - 2 lack insurance

  • Atal pension Yojana to be launched.

  • senior citizens welfare fund using unclaimed PPF/EPF

  • Nayi manzil yojana

  • Infrastructure:
  • Propose to National Investment and Infrastructure Fund
  • Tax free infrastructure bonds roads, rail

  • SETU for entrepreneurship, start-ups

  • intent to appoint a comity
  • 5 ultra mega power projects

  • Indian Financial Code
  • Gold monetizing scheme
  • gold bond
  • Indian Gold Coin

  • Additional 1000Cr for Nirbhaya Fund

  • VISA on arrival will be increased to 150 countries

  • 75Crs for Electric Vehicle 

  • Public Contract resolution bill

  • Regulatory reform law

  • National Skill Mission

  • AIMS
  • IIT in Karnataka

  • Defense allocation increased to 2,46,727 Cr

  • Tax Proposals:
  • Corporate tax reduced to 25% next 4 years

  • Comprehensive bill to tackle black money

  • abolish wealth tax and increase by 2% for those who earn more than 1Cr
  • Rich and wealthy must pay more tax
  • central excise duty rounded to 12.5%

  • health insurance limit from 15000 to 25000

  • transport allowance increased from 800 to 1600

  • Yoga to be included within ambit of charitable act

  • There ill be data base of NGOs

Friday, February 27, 2015

Prime Minister's Reply Flattens Opposition

"Is it enough to silence the opposition"

..Really pity on Times.....and Arnab !

It means that opposition is silent after PM's reply in Loksabha.
PM gave such a reply that opposition had no chance to question back and to reply.
opposition had put questions to government for which government had clear answers !
After Prime Minister's reply opposition had no clue what to argue?
Opposition had questioned the government only for the sake of questioning the government?
Opposition is wondering what to question the government and how to trap it?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Here is the message from Bangalore Traffic Police:

Dear Bengalooreans,
Have you lost your education certificates ? Driving license ? RC book/ Smart card ? PAN card ? Passport ? Cellphones? Computers/ Tabs/ Laptops ? Vehicles ? Electronic goods ? Want to get duplicate SIM card acknowledgement ? etc.
No Need to visit Police Station, you may get the acknowledgement through online only.