Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Snapdragon Blog - How cool is a Snapdragon S4 Processor?

Snapdragon Blog - How cool is a Snapdragon S4 Processor?: And by cool, we’re not referring to its looks. Heat isn’t something gadget users always worry about. However, there are circumstances when a mobile device will heat up significantly, say, when you’re playing a 3D intensive game, chatting with video enabled, or watching an HD movie continuously for long periods of time.

QDSP6 V4: Qualcomm Gives Customers and Developers Programming Access to its DSP Core

"There's been at least one DSP core in every chip that Qualcomm's ever made." Qualcomm senior director of product management Rick Maule used this statement as his lead-in to an explanation of the latest-generation QDSP6 architecture, specifically where it fits in the company lengthy DSP development heritage. QDSP6, if you haven't already figured out, refers to Qualcomm's sixth-generation DSP core architecture and is also commonly referred to by its "Hexagon" marketing moniker. The sixth-generation classification further subdivides into multiple versions; QDSP6 V2, for example, was recently benchmarked by BDTI, with both fixed-point, single-core (PDF) and predicted fixed-point, multi-thread/core (PDF) BDTImark2000 results published on BDTI's website. Meanwhile, as you'll soon see, QDSP6 V5 appears to be well along in development within Qualcomm.
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