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Top Reasons To Vote For Modi Again in 2019

Hindu Identity
It was fulfilling moment of 'Asmitha' when Nendra Modi performed Ganga arathi after he became Prime Minister of India. Never I felt such a belonging to my own culture and dharma. It seems earlier prime ministers believed that doing puja might hurt sentiments of somebody else. He stands by his belief.

Saint by Practice
Those who have read and followed Narendra Modi definitely know that he left his home in his young age. He traveled across India. Stayed in home of other well-wishers. Worked for RSS ideology. Somehow destiny made him chief minister of Gujarath. When the time came to go parliament in Delhi he was ready with his set of clothes in hand. He made sure all gifts received are auctioned and money collected is donated to girl child education. When he was about to leave to Delhi, he called his office bearers to instruct them to use his salary for education of children's of office staffs. Spellbound by the instruction, they requested to keep the money for some rainy days in future. And this saint called Narendra Modi , not bothered about the future, didn't change his mind. He himself was thinking what should i do with this money!  A saint dressed in Kurtha Paijama; A 'Raja Sanyasi' without saffron dress.

Mastery over Software services in Silicon City was little benefit of India till Narendra Modi started digital revolution.  Hundreds of government services slowly converted to digital platforms with update of revolutionary service software development. This improved transparency of governance. Spectrum, mining auctions and bidding happened on online platform generating huge amount money for the government.  Cashless economy started growing. Most of the departments released their APPs to connect and serve citizen. This process of digitization is still in progress across sectors including Banking, public welfare delivery system and so on.

Provident Fund
Well, i work for livelihood in a private company. Earlier in my career when i left job and joined new company i always withdrew my PF money, because i never know what will happen to that. But now I know what happens to those PF money. I can see that amount in mobile app, i can check that in a website, i can generate passbook. I could easily transfer the PF from previous company PF account to present account. Now there are other facilities such as online PF withdrawal. The speed with which these labor reforms are implemented are highly commendable.

Grievance Redresal System
Again this is not something new for governments. Grievance redressal was part and parcel of any department. But digitization and effectiveness of grievance redresal system has benefited citizens enormous. I have resolved my issues two time with the help of this. Modi government has increased efficiency of this system manifold.

Swatch Bharath Abhiyaan
Everyone knows health is wealth. Also we tolerate filth everywhere. Garbage thrown everywhere, highly inefficient garbage disposable system, open defecation on or two ....we have garbage problem piled across India. A call from the Red Fort for building toilets in each house had far reaching affect. A time bounded tracking has also made sure that the most of the households have their sanitation systems in check. Still, a lot to do, if we have to see a clean and neat India, but atleast we see movement gathering moment.

We are owners of the Yoga and Kaamasutra. The later one was acknowledged by westerners with open arms, little they knew about philosophical and health benefit of earlier one. June 21st became International Yoga Day, it was bound to happen when your Prime Minister is vivid follower of Yoga. Hundreds of countries are following this practice finding ones own innerness and peace of mind. It is our hollowness and state of inferiority that we needed Modi to spread the value of Yoga to international community.

All Weather Char Dham Road Construction
Do you know this? With this project hindu pilgrimage places , known as char-dham, namely Kedarnath , Yamunothri, Gangothri and Badrinath are connected with all weather high quality roads.

Photo Courtesy:

It is an ambitious project by the both state and central governments. These char-dhams are holy places for Hindus. Half of the year they are closed due to the difficulty in reaching them. None of the earlier governments could even think of this challenging initiative. It needed a Shiva Bhakth Narendra Modi to serve the deities prevailing in those holy places.

Recent study showed that tax collected after demonetization has served the purpose of it. There is always debate on the reduction of black money after demonetization. But it made sure a Prime Minister will not hesitate to try this drastic step to curb black money.

A game changer in taxation system, is improving tax collection month on month. It made sure India has One tax across nation. Initial software glitches in the GST software system are resolved. India has started reaping the benefits of the GST.

AADHAR Based Multiple Social Welfare Schemes
I don't know what was the purpose of AADHAR when UPA started this. But Narendra Modi turned the table across the corner to provide several social welfare schemes to the fellow citizens of India.

AADHAR based Gas subsidy: Gas subsidy amount will be directly credited to the bank account to the AADHAR number. This reduced huge misuse of gas subsidy, saving thousands of crores of money.

AADHAR Based PAN card: If you have AADHAR it is very easy to get PAN. Recently i have updated my in PAN card as in AADHAR, and i have received my PAN within 10 days to my home.

Simplification of Passport Verification: Similarly passport verification proceedure have been simplified.

AADHAR based KYC across multiple platform: KYC requirement for bank, mobile operators can be easily accomplished with the help of AADHAR.

AADHAR based life certificate: Again, to prove that you are alive to continue your pension, personally verify your fingerprint and Iris based on AADHAR at any authorized center. This system is based on digital platform and online. One can't say dead person as alive, thereby reducing corruption possibilities.

Jan Aushadhi
Medicine is the one of the strongest money making lobby in this world. They inflate the price of medicines manifold. Jan Aushadhi medical stores launched by central government provides medicines with much cheaper price compared to the other market rates.
Check Jan Aushadhi store nearby you with the help of below link:

Did you ever wonder that why you are not aware of this !!

Surgical Strike
India is highly affected by terrorism. One fine day, surgical strikes performed on the LOC with Pakistan, showed the world that India will not be sitting duck for atrocities by terrorists. This requires political will power to take decision and instruct able armed forces to retaliate. Narendra Modi government, unlike previous governments,  has given free hand to deal with anti Indian elements.

Foreign Policy
Approaching the world nations started with inviting all neighbors for oath taking ceremony of prime Minister Narendra Modi. It continued with other countries including Arab countries, Israel and recently China. There are multi layer approach for foreign policy adopted by Modi government. It is highly influenced by bilateral equal give and take policy. It is natural that when we have ex-Raw chief, Ajith Doval as National Security Adviser, security and sovereignty of the nation through tactical diplomacy takes precedence in any of the bilateral engagements.

Leading From the Front
India helped its neighbors with more vigor and eagerness. Remember 'Operation Rahath' in Yemen? India rescued many international citizens belonging to more than 15 countries, along with our own citizen. It is not that these kind of rescue mission didn't happen in earlier government time frame. What is appreciable is involvement of government in rescuing the affected people.

Solar Diplomacy
Again, leading from the front, Narendra Modi has initiated solar alliance between countries who have abundant solar energy. These nations will cooperate on research and knowledge sharing on solar energy implementation strategies.

Bullet Proof Jackets For Soldiers
Amount of bullet proof jackets provided for Indian army soldiers were nowhere near to the requirement of the army. Modi government has expedited the procedure to procure the jackets in larger numbers. Recently, army has ordered 1.86 lakhs of 'Made in India' bullet proof jackets after undergoing multiple tests of safety.

Past Track Record
Development works of Gujarath has made Modi highly credible person for developmental agenda.

Critical Decision Taking Capability
A leader is the one who takes tough decision for larger benefit of the society neglecting personal losses. They will be remembered for their decision in later part of the years. Surgical strike, demonetization and many other decisions have proven that Mr. Modi can take a path less traveled.

MUDRA Loan Scheme
Loans are provided for small entrepreneurs to start their business with least hassle. This has improved wealth creation SME segment.

Free Heath Insurance
Free heath insurance scheme announced by the central government aims to benefit half of the countrymen. Implementation infrastructure including software are under development. This scheme will provide heath cover of 5 lakhs per family. This scheme can be game changer for health sector, as so far in India health insurance is highly neglected.

Social Outreach and People Participation in Governance
There are multiple way to reach Prime Minister Modi and and his government. Other than good old method of writing mails, you can directly contact them using Narendra Modi app. One can give suggestion on multiple government schemes, participate in discussions. There is dedicated team to review all the comments and inform department machinery. Moreover, they are damn serious on comments and suggestions provided by the citizen. Many are already implemented.

Mobile Governance and E-Governance
You have governance in your hands. Check the UMANG app. Government departments are becoming paperless. Project monitoring is happening on video conference methods.

Cleaning Ganga River
Highly polluted river Ganga is getting cleaned day by day. Work in progress, i am not fully happy with speed at which it is done though !! State governments are responsible to execute the projects in multiple stages.
Details of the project can be found in this website:

National Ganga portal:

Schedule Based Project Execution
Like a typical multi national or private company , under Modi governance lot of projects are executed in time bound manner. There is a deadline for every project. Progress is reviewed and monitored.

Last Mile Delivery
Last mile delivery of the social schemes are utmost priority of the Modi government.

No Schemes Are in His Name
Can you find a Modi xyz scheme ? Weird, But true. Look at the schemes with Nehru name in it. Count the schemes with Indira in it. Name the schemes with Rajiv in it. And not to forget, Gandhi was the universal nomenclature for Congress party.

Reduced Size of Ministry
Related departments are clubbed together to improve speed of decision making.

Subsidy Less Economy
Personally, i am of the opinion that all subsidy need to be removed. Modi government has reduced the subsidy amount in multiple schemes. Asked citizens to voluntarily give up the subsidy. Example: gas subsidy, subsidy for senior citizens in railway travel. Lakhs of Indians have cooperated with this. Hopefully, slow and study, we are moving towards subsidy less economy.

Smart City Project
One of my friends running startup company in embedded domain, was quoting smart city project is the reason behind huge demand surge in many projects he is getting in all these days. According to him, there are unlimited opportunities in smart LED display systems, automobile and travel safety systems, defense projects and many more.

This project aims at connecting and developing ports to promote trade at lower cost.
Four components of the Sagarmala project are listed below (as quoted in
  • Port Modernization & New Port Development: De-bottlenecking and capacity expansion of existing ports and development of new greenfield ports
  • Port Connectivity Enhancement: Enhancing the connectivity of the ports to the hinterland, optimizing cost and time of cargo movement through multi-modal logistics solutions including domestic waterways (inland water transport and coastal shipping)
  • Port-linked Industrialization: Developing port-proximate industrial clusters and Coastal Economic Zones to reduce logistics cost and time of EXIM and domestic cargo
  • Coastal Community Development: Promoting sustainable development of coastal communities through skill development & livelihood generation activities, fisheries development, coastal tourism etc.

Picture Courtesy:

Complete details of the project can be availed at below address:

Below links has downloadable newsletters of latest progress of projects.

High Speed Train: Bullet Train
Picture Courtesy:

First Indian high speed train project is implemented between Mumbai and Ahmadabad. Government has put deadline of 2023 to complete the 508.17 km length train corridor.
 Picture Courtesy:

All details can be found here:

Make In India
Make in India initiate highly promoted by the government with transparent policy framework.

Ease of Doing Business

JanDhan Scheme for Financial Inclusion
Providing banking facility to all citizen is the idea behind this scheme. According to the official government website, so fat 31.52 core beneficiaries are banked. Total amount of money deposited to Jan Dhan accounts is Rs.80,871.67 crores (data fetched on 6th May 2018).

Picture Courtesy:
Details of Jan-Dhan scheme can be found here:

Railways Reforms: Such as improved cleanliness, coaches, facilities, completion of pending railway tracks, Flyovers for unmanned railway crossings
Priority for North Eastern States Development
One Rank One Pension
Greater Push for Green Energy
Man Ki Bath: Share your thoughts and spread good news
Corruption Free Transparent Governance: This should be inherent characteristic of any governance. Unfortunately in India, we needed to quote this also as an achievement for government due to the corruption seen in past governments.
Skill Development
Promotion to Small and Medium Entrepreneurship (SME)
Start-up EcoSystem

Reforms in Transport Sector:
- Digitalization of Driving License, RC
- Promotion for electrical vehicles
- Smart number plates
- New ways of paying toll fees

Monday, September 26, 2016

Organic Foods New Tend in Urban Life

"Organic" is the new trendy word of the urban life.
Yesterday went to wellness expo:
Many forms and organization work in the field organic cultivation and marketing. I don't agree with pricing of the products, sometime it seems that they are looting the people under the name of "Organic", but nevertheless its initial phase of the heavy tide. they should get return On Investment (like any other business). Also nothing wrong in paying for a better healthy world.

I am curious to understand growing organic farming across India and its sustainability as a business model. I have roots in farming, so natural to have interest, no dirty hands in recent years though. I always believed a technosoft guy is fit to be a best agriculturist in modern time. Well, lets discuss these in upcoming series of articles.

let me put couple of links related to products i visited in wellness expo.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Kali- The Film : Film on Kali River

Attention-Nature Lovers !
Watch below short film on Kali River by Amoghavarsha J S

Kali - The film

And there are some other beautiful documentary on wildlife of Karnataka.
Check one among them:

THE UNSUNG - A Life at bhadra Tiger Reserve HD 1080p

Top Lies Spread By Indian Media

Don't trust all news in media !
There are lot of  big lies spread across for the sake of TRP and popularity !
Check below link for details.

Top Lies spread by Indian Media in November 2015