Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lumbini Park and NTR Memorial, Hyderabad

My colleague had some official work somewhere within the city. I just accompanied (dragged may be smell realistic!!) him and traveling becomes happy journey if you get some good greenery!

I started liking circles of Hyderabad.....many are good, clean, neat....and filled with some green color!!!

We stopped at Lumbini Park while returning from the work. Later I realized that Lumbini Park, Snow world (yet to explore), Jalvihar (water world), Andhra Pradesh secreteriate building, NTR memorial and NTR garden are situated surrounding the big Lake. Birla Mandir is not far away. It is just within another half a kilometer from this place.

This is just inside Lumbini park...rather it is lake side....

Don't you think it is worth to come here with an entrance fee of just 5 rupees.....This circle is filled with water in the evenings....I went at around morning 10 o'clock...!!

Children’s play area is finely maintained and of course colors attracts those who have hidden childishness!

This area has for some sort of artificial beach creation.

Srinivas wanted a snap here even he maintained saying water must have been here!

He insisted me also to have one though! In the evening I assume this will be joyous to play in the flowing water!

Seating facility on the footpaths is awesome!

There is Budha statue (I believe so) at the centre of lake. You need to catch any one of these boats to go there. Its like Vivekanada rock memorial in Kanyakumari.. There we have sea and here we have big lake!

I could see here some deluxe boats with partying facility. One has to laud commendable effort of APTDC to promote tourism! Thoughts of lakes of Bangalore just crossed my mind. It can be big boost to tourism if those are promoted in similar way!

We could have gone in a boat but Srini had time constraint!

It’s sure that I will come back again. I have to ..Because we didn't visit the statue....well..we have to give separate fee for this boat facility...I remember this is something around rs.30

Speed boats are available with seats of 2 and 8. I even see board which mentioned about parasailing facility...I couldn’t find anybody sailing there....but it must be there!

I love this lush greenery! I don't want to compare this with Western Ghats or any other forest area.....within the city limits i feel it is worth to have at least this much green environment !!

Before i exit i must mention that it is comparatively well maintained lake with all basic amnesties for a tourist!

This is how entrance looks. Beside it laser show auditorium is available which costs 30 rupees. Show is for 30 minutes commencing from 7.30PM to 8PM everyday.

After Lumbini park we came out and crossed the road and few steps to reach NTR memorial. A simple but marvelous built. Keep your sandals/shoes outside in a Shoe stand (free service! I love that!!).

Wider view of this memorial is attractive.

Converging arcs makes it suitable for some good snaps.

If you are lucky enough with lighting and other destructions of photography one can have some value photography!

I have to prove myself that I was there in the place. So I took this photo!!

Again the place is very well maintained.

I think every morning officials decorate memorial with flowers. It was fresh!

Sometime sun light peeps out of cloudy weather and I tried to make full use of it!

Srini made himself sure that he is within the frames of several photos!

This is one of the tourist spots as part of their menu from travel houses.

Not all goes well......see the garbage on the lake side. This is just opposite to NTR memorial. Lake is very big and surrounding it several tourist attractions are situated prominently parks and water sports/entertainment.

This statue is part of the whole memorial is situated at entrance pillars of it.

I like it...its smooth...looks shining...good words to explain!

Face seems to be more natural…..even orkut tags it as human face!!

Probably sometime we give more preference to the person who inaugurated the memorial rather the person whom we have to remember!

Observe open doom of the memorial. Each pillar has one face in it.

Another magnificent view of it

There is NTR gardens beside NTR memorial which opens at 2.30PM. We couldn’t go inside it as time was just 12PM.....So we decided go back to our guest house after abandoning plan of visiting Golkonda fort as it is little far away by another 25km....I enquired local people, auto drivers. They suggested going to mehandipatnam by bus. Fort is 8km away from that place again. I was not convinced completely about the distance and travel facility to come back from there. So I dropped it for another day!

All these places are nearby Andhrapradesh secretarial building! This may be the secret behind beauty and cleanness of this place!