Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bibi Ka Makbara, Panchakki, Paithan-Aurangabad

Continuing from the Daulatabad Fort we move ahead to "Poor Man's Taj"

Time 3:30 PM:

Thoughts at Bibi ka Makbara:

Friends....I frankly tell you that I don't know anything about the emotion called "love"..!! One of my girlfriends (that means ...she is girl and she is my friend...that’s all!!), who is in great love with somebody else (latest update is that she is living happy married life!) recently told me that “love is nothing but pure selfishness"...may be...I don’t know.....lovers say "it just happens" blooms (in) the heart, mind, life. Dreams gets wings...wings get fired! And so and so. This "Bibi ka Makbara" is also a symbol of love...a carbon copy of Taj (or Taj is duplication of this ....???..I haven't studied history much!)...a monument to memorize wife of Aurangazeb...her dead body is kept in here... (Anyway it is buried ...hence it doesn't smell bad!!).

This structure is built by son of Aurangazeb in memory of his mother. Taj is built by Shah Jahan in memory of his wife and this Shah Jahan happens to be the father of Aurangazeb! What I understood finally is very simple...same family built two buildings that look alike!

It’s a "kabr". Just imagine Taj Mahal..glittering up of marble...four pillars at four corners...main entrance gate...u can see Taj in a single view........

That’s all; you have seen "Bibi ka Makbara".

Enjoy the Mughal Gardens. Marble is used inside the tomb...See the panoramic view in all angles...its nice. Spend joyous moments with your children if you have. If you are a lover, love the love like you have never loved...else if you are a simple enthusiastic traveler like me....pen down something so that others can scratch their head!

With haunting melodies and memories of love and "bibi" we geared up to another place very near to it called "Panchakki"(....means "water mill").

Water comes out of the ground here, which is used by the masjid situated over here. In good olden days the source of the water was not known. But now it is found that water has its roots at around 40 kms away near ellora hills, flows through underground path and because of height difference it comes out here. There is nothing big here....!! In our cities also rain water comes out in the same fashion from so many gutters and roots are not at all known!!!!


We are in Paithan ...50 kms away from Aurangabad..very famous for its Paithan sarees.( like "Tirupur" in tamilnadu ).Biggest dam of the Maharashtra is built here, we could not see it...leave that ! There is a beautiful garden...its cool is one musical fountain..also we have dance program....songs are booming. Hundreds of people gathered to see it...suddenly Nair started to dance. It looked like "Tandava Nritya" of lord Shiva. I expected news of earthquake somewhere in the world in the newspaper tomorrow! Thanks god...nothing happened!!

Google Introduces Art Themes for Your Home Page

I can see a new link sentence in my Google home page. It says "Make your home page beautiful".

I just clicked and entered to the new world of new themes introduced by Google. Google introduces several artist themes for your home page and you can choose any one of the theme picture listed there and just click on the button "Add it now". Work done and Google theme is added to your iGoogle home page.

I am not sure this Google themes are applicable for all nations. Of course this works now in India. I just added "Tommy Hilfiger" and it looks marvelous !

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daulatabad Fort

Nearly 2 years back i was working in Nashik. I along with colleagues went to Ajantha - Ellora - Aurangabad - Daulatabad Fort for a two days trip. Here is the initial part of the travelogue:

Day One . Towards Daulatabad:

Morning 6 o'clock:

I woke up..I had to be.....otherwise how others can wake up????

Time: 8 to 8:20AM: Simply waiting for our great Kishor in Dwaraka circle of Nashik last he came zooming....flying..!!!!....and our sumo zoomed out of Nashik city like a rocket (I know it's too much of exaggeration!) towards Aurangabad in Nashik-Indore highway..!

Time: 11:30AM: See there atop of the hill......its dramatic Daulatabad fort of the 12th century....just 10 Km be

fore to Aurangabad city. One whole hill has been converted to majestic impregnable fort. Mr. Tughluq changed old name of the once charming city “devgiri” and gave a new name “daulatabad”. “daulat” means wealth and hence we can term

it as “city of wealth” or “fortune” or so !!. (Well... I know a film “city of god”, a fantastic Brazilian film, and a true story of a slum boy turned out be a photographer). Short period of time it was capital of India. Originally it seems it was built by Hindu kings and later conquered by Muslim invaders. (Of course…nothing new is the story of every corner of Indiaa!). Fort is surrounded by three levels of thick walls and several traps for the enemies.

Starting itself you can see a large tower "Chandmeenar" (actually “chand” means “moon” and “meenarmeans “tower” .....can I call it as “moon tower” – a tower that is touching moon) of height around it is completely covered by iron grills for conservation works.

On the left side you can see "Gajashaala" where elephants were fed. There is a water tank made up of lined stones.

Come up...a huge door of the fort welcomes you ...go on climbing....a few more big steps.........don't tell "ooophs......!!!" have climbed just 100 to 200 steps..more are there......well...we have reached a plane ground now.

Here is a Cannon situated over stone platform...lets have some please...

Come on lets move...take care...slow...gruesome traps are awaiting for us...see...this great moat is death canal for enemies....hungry crocodiles were freely moving in this water trap...whole fort is surrounded by we have a small access bridge to cross over to other side of the fort and this is main fort or innermost ring (3rd level) of the fort...

oh..God! Where we reached?? it seems very dark...this seems to be a trap... maze.....completely dark...!

Do you see anything?

We can see many people just outside that maze offering them to be a guide along with their flame torch....even frightening that we ourselves can’t get into that maze and solve it....! Rs.30 was the price they were charging..!

No!!! Suresh shouted with complete disagreement...he is experienced for this fort... he is coming second time (nice...!)....lets attack......

Suresh is shouting at us to follow him properly, for a while I thought to turn back because there are seven members blindly following me. Immediately I smiled myself, thinking that there are eight members behind Suresh (this is nothing but relativity theory!)...when he is not worried about the consequences why should I cry??!! . We moved in, simply by feeling the touch of cold walls...oh god...I can see the source of light! After coming out I simply glazed over towards downside...there are a few easy steps to come here instead of that scary route....many people are coming....!!! Thanks to government arrangement.......! oooophs..!!!!!!!!!!!..i even felt happy that we did not waste 30 rupees for those torch light guides.... it might have been utter foolishness to get trapped in to their frightening words ! So if you are going to daulatabad fort remember to carry a good torch light!

A white colored structure can be seen at the top of the hill by further climbing up. Remaining of the Buddhist cave temple structures provides a glimpse of great history of the fort.

Watching the gigantic view of Daulatabad city from the top of the it ? sorry to say ..It is small dirty city now!

I just checked time....its already 1:30PM.....lets move down now friends...come quickly...because you have to see two more places...again left right turns.....same steps...some foreign couples.....some romantic moments....Dream yourself, but also take care that you will not fall down. We are in the vehicle rocketing towards “Biwi ka Makbara”!.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Making of a Blog

3 years back i was not much knowing about world of blogs. Probably i was not interested at all.
Then suddenly i could listen to the whispering of making money from the blog. I suddenly woke up. Searched in Google. Could not understand technical aspects of these blogs (even today i don't understand much.....). But i started one technical blog about ASIC design which was then almost idle for several months. Opening a blog page was not a big deal. In blogger home page they have instructed us to follow three steps and done !

Later i studied blogosphere and understood that it has enormous potential. I was preparing several technical articles in parallel to this blog analysis. Its is not enough if you create a blog and go on writing something that you like. If you wish that your blogs has to be read by several others then you need to take some more steps.

This includes:

  • Changing the template of your blog to make it more attractive or suitable to your needs.
  • Verifying authenticity of your blog by major search engines like Google and Yahoo.
  • Provide your RSS feed address to any feed delivering websites like Feedburner.
  • Add advertisements to your blog to earn money like AdSense from Google.

I don't know technical in and out of whatever i have listed above but it helped me to get good number of readers from all over the world. I will share my experience of making of my blogs in forthcoming blog posts.

Monday, September 8, 2008

NSG Waiver and TATA Nano

What is the link between these two opposite poles? NSG waiver for India confirms that India is part of Nuclear Supply Group and moreover world has recognized emerging technical capability of India in atomic energy sector.

TATA Nano is common man's dream come true.Hardly we can reject the fact that most of the Indian citizens are still below poverty line. Probably TATA Nano is a reality for those who were dreaming of a motorcycle. But i look both chapters in different perspective. Both incidents (may be accidents !!) have given confidence to India that if you can dream something big you can make it !

But you know, even to dream you need support !!

It is not yet sure that NSG waiver has provided India an advantage of playing with atomic resources as it wishes and whether TATA Nano will come out within given price tag and time, still i am sure some day both will be reality ! Many more national dreams are following to be realized !

Below is the short poem i wrote long back (nearly 6 years back ) which was published in Kannada monthly magazine.

sundaravaagiruttade !
pravaha bandaaga
kocchi hoguttade !!

(a boat full of dreams is always beautiful
flood of reality sweeps away everything !!)

Hope that poem is not realized !!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Life is beautiful !

"bidugadeyu nimagemage
naalku godeya ese holege
nenapugala sankaleyanetti
idu munde bisu nadige"

"ಬಿಡುಗಡೆಯು ನಿಮಗೆಮಗೆ
ನಾಲ್ಕು ಗೋಡೆಯ ಎಸ್ ಹೊಳೆಗೆ
ನೆನಪುಗಳ ಸಂಕಲೆಯನೆತ್ತಿ
ಇದು ಮುಂದೆ ಬಿಸು ನದಿಗೆ"

(" Freedom for you and us
Throw the walls into river
pull up chain of memories
step fast towards destiny")

This was the short poem i wrote long back when i stepped out of my bachelor classes. I feel that poem suites well even after i have completed around four years of professional life. I always look forward to do something new. I used to write in good olden days. As i opted for higher education in later stages of life my writer went to deep sleep, but again now i feel i can make it up with the help of blog-o-sphere. This is my personal blog where i will write about whatever i feel like i need to !

I have other three blogs which are completely dedicated to technical articles and discussions.

I have one embedded system design related blog which i am not able to update as i wished to. The articles cater to my earlier stages of career in embedded field. But hope that i can manage time to post something new.

The other two technical blogs are related to VLSI-ASIC domain. This is the domain at present where i enjoy bread and butter ( strictly speaking "anna-sambar" (rice-curry !) !!!).

ASIC-SoC-VLSI blog is collection of technical articles pertaining to various sub domains in VLSI. I have started this as my personal notebook but it has evolved beyond the boundary of notebook. It has readers all over the world and has been recognized by DAC and SoC Central. I am damn serious to maintain the quality of this blog.

Another technical blog answers the questions of VLSI domain. It is very much helpful to those who wish to join VLSI domain. Frankly speaking even i am learning with the help of these question answers. I bet it is easy to ask questions but not finding the appropriate answer !

Something more about me. My educational background has awarded me degrees such as
M.Sc in Electronics and M.S in VLSI System Design. Later i worked 3 years as design engineer in embedded system domain. I have experience of PIC and 8051 based microcontroller applications. At present i am working as VLSI physical design engineer in a firm located at Bangalore. Photography, travel and literature are my hobbies.

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