Monday, September 26, 2016

Organic Foods New Tend in Urban Life

"Organic" is the new trendy word of the urban life.
Yesterday went to wellness expo:
Many forms and organization work in the field organic cultivation and marketing. I don't agree with pricing of the products, sometime it seems that they are looting the people under the name of "Organic", but nevertheless its initial phase of the heavy tide. they should get return On Investment (like any other business). Also nothing wrong in paying for a better healthy world.

I am curious to understand growing organic farming across India and its sustainability as a business model. I have roots in farming, so natural to have interest, no dirty hands in recent years though. I always believed a technosoft guy is fit to be a best agriculturist in modern time. Well, lets discuss these in upcoming series of articles.

let me put couple of links related to products i visited in wellness expo.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Kali- The Film : Film on Kali River

Attention-Nature Lovers !
Watch below short film on Kali River by Amoghavarsha J S

Kali - The film

And there are some other beautiful documentary on wildlife of Karnataka.
Check one among them:

THE UNSUNG - A Life at bhadra Tiger Reserve HD 1080p

Top Lies Spread By Indian Media

Don't trust all news in media !
There are lot of  big lies spread across for the sake of TRP and popularity !
Check below link for details.

Top Lies spread by Indian Media in November 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Can Congress party form grand aliance with Pakistan To Defeat Modi?

Based on statements from Mr.Mani Shankar and Mr. Salman i suspect possible future headline before next general election:
Congress party ties with Pakistan To Defeat Modi
Congress and Pakistan form Grand Alliance against Modi